Friday, 21 February 2014

The Year of Unemployment

Pleased to announce my new release, a factual account of the year I graduated and was unemployed.

The optimistic – arrogant, perhaps – vision of a graduate’s future career is quickly beaten out of him by a sequence of hilarious and cringe inducing failures to secure work. Living at home with his Mum, this is an unimpeded insight into a young man’s struggles and successes in work, love and computer games! 

Laugh at the honest self-appraisals with a knowing nod to having shared those same experiences. If you cannot empathise with Michael, you are probably young enough to learn from his mistakes and commit his advice to memory. Ten pounds says you won’t, but you’ll have the chance to remember this amusing account of a year of unemployment in the future!    

I hope the Year of Unemployment will strike a chord with undergraduates, graduates and basically anyone who appreciates a funny, honest read packed with self-depreciating humour.  

Available on Amazon for only 77p!


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