Thursday, 20 February 2014

The only way England can make an impact at the Brazil world cup

Let’s face it: England is a mediocre side at best.  We’re hanging on to our past one glory from 1966 and still assuming we can cut it with the top teams.  I don’t even rate Rooney as a world-class footballer anymore; he’s an unfit baboon, greedy and a bad moral example.  We may, if we’re lucky, progress out of the group stage but that’s as far as we’ll go.  We’re not in the same league as Spain, Brazil, Italy, Germany or Argentina (plus many others).

What’s happening in Qatar is a disgrace, as someone who works in the Middle-East I’m fully aware of the situation.  Indians, Pakistanis and Nepali workers are used as cheap labour, in punishing heat and are paid bugger all.  They live in cramped accommodations and work non-stop, over 12 hours a day for a year or more.  

Latest reports say 500 Indian workers died last year, the figure is likely to be far higher.  FIFA don’t care, it’s that simple and the Qatar World Cup will not be cancelled.  

I’d be very proud to see the English team make a statement at Brazil, just as the kick-off is about to begin they could line up, drop their heads for a minute’s sympathy and then walk off and refuse to compete.  The British FA could also refund supporter’s tickets and airfare to keep the peace with traveling fans.    

I love football: it’s a joy to watch.  But hosting these elaborate tournaments at the expense of human lives, displacement and misery is inexcusable and defeats the spirit of sport.   

The biggest and only impact England can make is by doing something like this and I know it would make me proud to be an Englishman, a football fan and a human.

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