Thursday, 25 October 2012

Competition winners

The competition was a great success with lots of entries and everyone coming up with some great personality suggestions.  New possible flavours suggested were: whiskey flavour, vodka flavour (people like alcohol in their crisps, it seems), cinnamon roll flavour, blue cheese and crackers, jam and cream.   *Drumroll time* the winning flavour is - Italian Meatball, with a stereotypical mobster type personality.  This flavour will be led by 'The Spudfather' and I'm already looking forward to introducing this character into the story.  Congratulations to Rakesh for thinking of this new flavour!

There were some awesome sketches and illustrations sent in as well, with people showing off their great computer drawing skills.  The winner is John Sneddon, so congratulations and a $30 Amazon Kindle gift card is on its way!

I'm going to write a post next month to all new writers with advice and tips about marketing, I'm hoping it will be a great help. 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Two amazing competitions on now!

Drawing Competition: Draw a Super Spud

If you fancy a chance to win a $30 Amazon Kindle gift card prize and a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy, then all you have to do is enter this drawing competition.  The task: draw a Super Spud!

A Super Spud is a magical crisp packet with arms, legs and facial features.  Each flavour has a different coloured package and the flavour name is included on the packet.  You can choose to draw any flavour from the book, examples include: steak and spinach, salt and vinegar, ready salted, strawberry and cream, lemon and vanilla, blueberry and menthol mint - or perhaps a new flavour of your own!  

Literary Competition: New flavour suggestion

Prizes:  1)  a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy
              2) The winning flavour personality will be included as a CAMEO in the next Super Spud   book!

As you know, the personality of the Super Spud is determined by their flavour.  For this competition, I'm looking for a new flavour suggestion and what their associated personality would be.  The flavour can be anything but the personality must have some logical link back to the chemical properties/name of that flavour.  For example, in the stories steak and spinach flavour are high iron foods so the Super Spud is strong and tough, while tuna is known to have healthy omega-3 'brainfood' so these Super Spuds become very smart.

These are the flavours already used (that I can remember): ready salted, salt and vinegar, lemon and vanilla, strawberry and cream, steak and spinach, garlic, blueberry, blackcurrant, menthol mint, Caesar salad, pizza margherita, smokey bacon and spinach, king crab, king prawn, green peas.

How to enter:

This competition is hosted in collaboration with super awesome blogger Katherine on her blog:

So just head over there to enter! 

This competition will close 22nd October.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Competitions coming this week!

I'm very excited to announce that there will be two competitions launching this week both with great prizes. 

For the artists out there, whoever draws the best Super Spud will get a chance to win a $30 Amazon Kindle gift card voucher and a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy.

For all aspiring writers, think of a new Super Spud flavour and associated personality for a chance to win a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy, a critique of your work and have your flavour creation included in The Super Spuds: Book 4 due out later this year.

This competition will be hosted via Katherine's blog:

There will be full entrance details once the competition is live - watch this space!

Monday, 1 October 2012

The Unknown Man

Something a bit different from the Super Spuds today.  I wrote this little story yesterday based on a hitch-hiker I saw one day in the desert. 

The Unknown Man

Hour after hour, he waited in the sun - a lone figure by the edge of the endless blacktop.  His black veil sheltered his face from the unforgiving desert sun, but there was no escape from the rising temperature: A relentless 40 degrees by 9 a.m., which quickly drained his vital bodily fluids and moral.  Kneeling, the man stared intently at the road, watching – praying – for a car to come to his aid.  After one hour, a car approached, its outline punching through the shimmering heat radiating off the tarmac, and the man stood up and stuck out his hand.  The car did not stop.  The man kept his faith and resumed kneeling, turning his body to keep the sun on his back and the wind on his face.  He had no water with him, and there was no water within a hundred miles.  At noon, the wind ceased to blow and the punishing heat began to take effect.  His lips started to crack, his mouth stopped producing saliva and his head was like a drum pounding to the beat of a slow rhythm.  

He strained his eyes to scope the surrounding area for shade, but only the unwelcoming sight of flat gravel plains rewarded his effort.  There was no vegetation in this particular location: the environment only existed to take away life, not sustain it.  It was at this moment the man began to realize that he may not survive for much longer.  The heat would take his body and the desert would take his soul.  When the next car came – if one came at all – he would walk into the road and force the car to stop, rather than rely on the generosity of a travelling stranger.  The man reflected on what the mind of the driver who failed to stop was thinking.  If I were the driver, would I have stopped?  The man smiled to himself, he would have done the same and kept on driving, it was easier – and safer – to assume the next car along would stop and help.  Leave it for someone else. 

As the sun began to set, its brightness dimmed enough to allow the man to stare at it.  It would be beautiful, the man thought, if it was not for the fact it was going to rise tomorrow and condemn him to his death.  The sun seemed to laugh at him as it disappeared below the horizon, resolute in its confidence as the ultimate giver – and taker – of life on Earth.    The wind continued to blow, pushing the sand grains against their will onwards and away.  The man stretched his legs out and drifted in and out of sleep – the severe dehydration taking its toll on the strength of his body.  It was now midnight, the unbearable heat of the day now long gone.  The ground gave up its warmth and the empty space consumed it greedily.  The contrast between day and night in the desert was stark and cruel in its conflicting nature.  The man almost wished for the sun to come back soon and warm his body again.   He knew once it did though – and it would – he would be wishing for the cold again.  The dark of the night only confirmed his loneliness: there were no car lights approaching and only the stars kept him company tonight.

International giveaway ends tomorrow so be sure to check out Goodreads to enter!