Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Light and The Glass (Empyria, Book 2)

I'm pleased to announce that the concluding part of Empyria will be released in December 2013.

In the north, the Nimerians have reached Dunein and look to build a new city, unaware they are being watched by the Akuya – savage cannibals of the eastern marshlands.  Meanwhile the Sanghouls continue their relentless division of the land; Jaden, a hunter, is tasked with keeping track of them.

In the south, Prince Viro, Athmane and Bayoud travel to the Rainbow Kingdom, the elven stronghold, where King Amras instructs them to march on the Emerald Mountain to confront the dragon brothers, Gorlyx the fire dragon and Brelyx the ice dragon, and to recover the four remaining stones of light. 

But from outer space, a new threat arrives: Zerok, a war demon, who unleashes a million-strong army upon the land.  Before they can have peace, elves and humans must go to war and face the consequences which come with it.