Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Super Spud Trilogy is FREE!

FREE today, all three books in one! 


I'm in absolute awe at the distance to which a person's imagination can travel! This book is so incredibly original”

“It's a fun and unpredictable world with everything inside that you could possible wish for. Every human activity, myth and past-time, seems to have its own Super Spud variant.”

“Michael Diack has the sort of warped perception of reality I enjoy and his writing puts me in mind of a slightly blacker Terry Pratchett. This is nicely original writing divided into three stories with different heroes and I found many laugh out loud passages I will remember forever.”

“5 STARS!!...... for creativity, originality, laugh-out-loud funniness, and pure, raw, awesome-ness!”

Happy New Year!  If you enjoy the Super Spuds, be sure to check out Super Spuds 4 – out now!

The Super Spud Trilogy will also be free oon the 1st and 5th January!


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