Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Twisted Fairy Tale - Part 3

As Melanie was at heart a good fairy, she knew that their plan would hurt the woman.  But Melanie would die without the tooth, and as long as the only damage to the woman was a lost tooth or two, she suppressed any guilt she was feeling for the greater good of her health.  Besides, Melanie was getting tired of hearing her stomach rumbling from hunger.  Jack didn’t care about the woman: the more pain that he caused her, the healthier he would be.  All Tangle Wire Fairies were inherently evil, so Jack didn’t have any emotions – apart from feeling sad and depressed at not causing people PAM! 

The plan was set and Jack was eagerly waiting in position by the oven door.  Melanie was hovering behind the bin ready to fly out and make her escape through a gap behind the kitchen sink.  The woman stood by the oven stirring the potatoes in their pan on the hob.  She was completely oblivious to Jack, who had already begun knotting the two sets of laces together in all kinds of intertwined hell.  Jack finished making the tangle lace mess and retreated to the side of the oven, almost unable to contain his joy at the inevitable PAM that was due any moment.  The woman, satisfied the potatoes were cooked, grabbed the pan and began turning towards the kitchen sink to drain the water.  Before even realizing, she was falling down.  The woman cracked her face against the side of the kitchen sink, and her teeth flew out all over the room.  With a thud she slammed down hard on the cold, tiled floor and the pan she was carrying emptied its boiling hot contents all over her body, scolding her face, hands and chest.  Melanie was shocked at the pain the woman was in, but quickly flew out and grabbed a tooth from the floor.  The husband then came running in concerned from the noise and upon seeing his wife on the floor, ran over to her, but in doing so, ignored the water around him.  The man slipped on the puddles of greasy, starch-laden water and went feet first into the air, cracking his skull open on the tiles – he died instantly.  Melanie wasn’t aware that the man had died, for she was already up in the loft with her prize and greedily eating away at the calcium.  Jack, on the other hand, had watched the carnage from the top of the fridge and his excitement levels were high enough to last him for another 75 years, let alone six months.  With no-one else in the house and no ambulance on the way, the woman died a few hours later still lying on the floor with her husband beside her.  In a final despicable act, a laughing Jack flew down and undid his masterful shoelace tangle, to avoid any suspicion of why the woman had fallen.

The bodies were discovered the next day by one of their children, and the coroner concluded that their deaths were accidental.  Six months later, the house had new owners: a young couple with no children, yet.  Jack didn’t care anymore, for he was still laughing blissfully at the PAM he had created and Melanie had finished the last of the woman’s tooth.  But it didn’t matter anymore that she had run out of calcium, for the 75 years were finally up and Jack and Melanie were instantly teleported to Fairyland.  Instantly, Rose the Tooth Fairy and Jim the Tangle Wire Fairy took over for Melanie and Jack in the house to begin their 75 year reign. 

Unfortunately for Melanie and Jack, their stairway to heaven was not certified yet for they had to be judged by the Fairy Godfather.  Melanie, unaware that the woman and man had both died, was sat in the judgement room eagerly waiting to being transported to the dentists.  Jack was also confident he had been evil enough to secure an eternal life of creating PAM in the hospital.
          “Melanie, please step forward to be judged,” said the Fairy Godfather in his deep and commanding voice. “Melanie, you are charged with helping to cause the deaths of two innocent humans.  For this deplorable and vile act, I sentence you to your fairy Hell.”
Melanie broke down into tears, she didn’t know she helped to commit murder and she was teleported straight away to Osteoporosis Island – the most calcium-deficient place in the universe.
          “Jack, please step forward to be judged.”
Jack walked forward expressing a cocky smile and swagger, already plotting what he was going to do with all the intensive care wires and IV bags. 
          “For helping a Tooth Fairy avoid starving to death, you have done a good deed and for this, I must sentence you to your fairy Hell,” said the Fairy Godfather.
Jack stood in shock and utter disbelief, and was then teleported to his fairy Hell – a futuristic Earth with wireless technology for everything. 


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