Thursday, 27 December 2012

Love lost - writing competition winner

There was a writing competition on Goodreads a few weeks ago which I entered and, to my shock, actually won.  The rules were: 150 words, and it had to contain the words frequent, fragile, furtive and a number from fifty to fifty-nine!

My entry was Love Lost:

Jack held his wife’s hand as she slept; her body was now in a state of total fragility and it was only a matter of hours before she slipped away. Fifty five was no age to be losing the woman he loved. The last few weeks had been especially hard - her frequent violent outbursts and her unbearable suffering were one thing, but to be viewed as a stranger in her eyes was what hurt Jack the most. He loved her, and he had always loved her but now he was nothing but a ghost.

Her eyes opened and Jack, not wanting to scare her, let go of her hand but he was unable to resist those eyes which had captured him since day one and he stole a furtive glance at her. To his joy, here at the end, she recognized the man she loved and she smiled at him once more before closing her eyes, at peace, finally.

I'm happy I won and claimed the prize of re-tweets on Twitter (every little bit of promotion helps).  Now I got to think of the rules, along the same format, for the next competition, so if anyone has ideas leave me a comment as I'm a bit stuck.

The Super Spud Trilogy will be free again on the 1st and 5th January! Thanks to all who helped promote it so far with your re-tweets and downloads.  Hopefully gained some new readers who will be interested in Book 4 too!


  1. Wow, this is really good! I can feel all the emotions radiating from this piece and for it to be this short...amazing! :D