Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Movie Reviews

I thought I’d do a quick review round-up of all the films I’ve seen lately.

This is the End
James Franco, Seth Rogan, Jonas Hill and Danny McBride all play themselves in this self-depreciating, outrageously funny comedy about the end of days.  The funniest scene is where the earthquake first hits and a load of celebrities fall into a hole with magma at the bottom - I honestly was laughing so much it hurt my stomach and I couldn’t breathe.  It is quite crude the humour and probably a ‘lads’ movie in certain respects but it’s a comedy first and foremost, and has probably overtaken Airplane as my all-time favourite.    8/10

Captain Phillips
This is a gripping thriller telling the real-life story of the Maersk Alabama that was hijacked by Somali pirates.  As ever, Tom Hanks gives a flawless performance but the most incredible part for me was just watching how the Somalis, with a tiny boat and a rusty ladder, managed to get on board the huge cargo ship.  It’s a really good film.  8/10

American Hustle
I’d read a lot about this film before watching it and particularly the amount of awards it was nominated for.   Therefore, I found myself actually disappointed in the film because it is quite dull, long-winded and flat.  I appreciated the rock-steady acting of Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as a few comical moments, but on the whole it falls short of a truly outstanding film.           6/10

The Purge
I like Ethan Hawke, mainly his cool name I guess, but he’s the best thing about the film.  I like the concept, that one day of the year everyone is legally allowed to commit crime, but the film was just a bit boring.  The plot twist at the end was all too easy to see because it was overly hinted at in the early scenes.  With a great concept like this, the film should have been set in an open-world following the nightly mayhem around the city.  There are too many horror films where the victims are stuck inside a house while the killers try to get in.   4/10

I had never watched Pitch Black back in the day but this reboot I really enjoyed.  The visuals were stunning and the landscape of the alien planet, and the terrifying creatures on it were impressive.  Vin Diesel nails the role, and there was a healthy amount of gore, cheesy lines and violence to satisfy my action needs.  7/10

World War Z
Note: don’t watch this on a plane with headphones in and the screen only a foot in front of you.  The last time I jumped from shock like I did with this movie was watching 28 Days Later.  I really enjoyed this film, I liked the fact it focused on Brad Pitt trying to track down why the outbreak started rather than fighting the zombies, because nearly all of the time he is fleeing against overwhelming odds of masses of zombie hordes.  I thought it was a good ending and I’m looking forward to the sequel.  8/10

Fast and Furious 6
I’m a little behind with this one, but thought I’d mention it.  I love the Fast and Furious franchise, ever since number one (with the exception of Tokyo Drift).  I think it’s what cinema is made for and what I’m quite happy to depart my ten pound with for a ticket.  It’s pure action, adventure, cheese, and over-the-top sequences which requires no mental effort to watch – perfect for escapism.  Now, this 6th installment was the most insane of all of them featuring a runway the length of Africa and nonsensical jumps from cars leaving everyone unscathed.  But, it’s a good movie and I’m looking forward to number seven.  7/10

On a musical note, I’ve been listening to Absolution by Muse a lot recently.  Honestly one of the best albums ever made and not one track you skip, which is so rare these days because there are always at least a few rubbish songs on every album. 

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