Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Pencil Monsters

The Pencil Monsters

If you have ever wondered where your pencil has gone, after being sure you left it in a certain place, then it is highly likely it was eaten by a pencil monster.  Pencil monsters are persistently hungry, brown furry creatures no taller than an inch with big, round blue eyes.  They are very fussy eaters and pencils are the only thing they’ll eat – they love the crusty outer paint, the meaty wood and the crunchy inner graphite.  There is nothing a pencil monster enjoys more than sneaking off with his prize into the space behind the sofa and snacking on it all night.  Come morning, for pencil monsters are nocturnal creatures, nothing is left of the pencil and the pencil monster is fast asleep in the darkest and most secretive area of whatever building it is in.  

However, with all the modern gadgets of today – computers, tablets and fancy plastic mechanical pencils with refillable leads – poor little pencil monsters are dying off all over the world.  It began when the pencil manufacturers started to stick rubbers on the end of the pencil.  Pencil monsters hated the ghastly metal ring and the chewy rubber, plus the pencils were heavier to carry.  Then the plastic mechanical pencils with refillable leads arrived on the scene.  These peculiar devices confused the pencil monsters and with their two-fingered chubby hands they couldn’t get into the precious lead inside.  It’s a sad state of affairs for pencil monsters these days, in every house and office around the world they are starving to death.  So when you finish school or work today, please remember to leave a good old fashioned pencil on your desk – one you don’t mind losing! 


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  1. Oh this gives me a good chuckle, I love it! =-) The pencil monsters will be happy to know I have a whole pack of yellow pencils hiding in my desk. I'll have to leave one out now and then.