Sunday, 26 May 2013

Empyria - A fantasy novel.

The deathly Sanghouls have escaped from the Empty Province and, from within their golden dunes, they seek to wipe out all life in Empyria. Unaware of this, the last surviving humans continue going about their daily routine in the city of Nimar. But when the city's water pool stops refilling, the Nimerians are forced to move into lands of myth and legend.

Only when Prince Viro, an elf of the southern lands, arrives in Nimar do the humans truly understand the threat to their existence. The two races must unite and reclaim the lost seven stones of light - the only weapon that can defeat the demonic shadow enclosing them.

As four of the city's most talented young men and women, Athmane, Faria, Bayoud and Mary will be critical to Nimar enduring the perils, both natural and unnatural, that await them.

In book one of Empyria, Michael Diack launches an epic saga blending fantasy and dystopian that will appeal to ages teen on up.

The concluding part of Empyria, The Light and The Glass, is now out on Kindle!

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  1. Hi

    This excerpt is the prologue that is going to be in the book? I haven't ever come close to writing a novel myself,but if it is the actual prologue, leave it out.

    Instead, incorporate the backstory (a prologue is kind of a backstory) into the narrative through events and dialogue. However, bards and characters that spew paragraphs of plot points at a time are frowned upon.

    I hope I didn't come across as arrogant or anything. (/.__.)/

    Your story idea is cool though.