Thursday, 7 February 2013

Author Interview: K.C. Blake

It's my great pleasure to welcome popular YA paranormal writer K.C.Blake to the blog. Her novel Vampires Rule has a whopping 145 ratings on Goodreads and an impressive average. Described as simply 'awesome' with great characters and plots,she is certainly a YA author to watch out for.

Q:What inspired you to become a writer? 

 It was in the seventh grade when we read The Outsiders. I fell in love with that book and I wanted to create something that would make other people feel the same way. I never wanted it to end. Then I decided to rewrite the ending of another book. It only took six pages, but I was hooked. I’ve been writing ever since.

Q:You have a great following on Goodreads and loads of great reviews for your books, well done! Any secrets of your marketing success you can share?

 My secret? I try everything. What works for one person doesn’t seem to work for others, so I try a little bit of everything. For me, blogging and Goodreads has worked well. I’ve met a lot of interesting people. Also, giving away the first book in the series is a good idea. That allows people to get a taste of how you write. If they like you, they’ll be back. I’ve given away copies of two of my books in exchange for honest reviews. Some people didn’t like them, but that’s okay. A lot of people did.

Q:Where do you write?

 Well, I am always working, even when I don’t look like I am. I listen to music and pace around my living room or go for walks outside while assembling scenes in my mind. I carry a notebook and write everything down as it comes to me. Then I do the actual writing at my desk, mostly at night. For some reason I love to write at night when the world seems to be sleeping. My imagination really takes off then.

Q:Who is your favourite author and why?

 At the moment, Cassandra Clare. I love City of Bones (and all the other City books she’s written). Her writing flows. I love her word choices, the imagery, and her characters. A Beta Reader turned me on to her a few years ago. After reading one of my books, the woman told me I should check out Clare because she thought my writing was like hers. High praise indeed. If my books are even a fraction as good as hers, I am on the right track.

Q:Where do you find inspiration to write?

Sometimes from good movies or other books. The characters have to become real to me and fill me with positive emotions. Sometimes even negative emotions can inspire me to write though. Also, I get inspired by listening to music. Or it can be as simple as something another person says to me. When I was in college, something weird started happening. People who knew me kept insisting they’d seen me in places I hadn’t been. That got my creative juices flowing. What if I was blacking out? What if there was a doppelganger trying to steal my life? Turns out it was just a girl who ‘resembled’ me from afar. :)

Q:How important are readers’ reviews to you?

 Very important. I wish more people would do reviews after reading a book they like. I don’t think most people understand how important reviews are. At Amazon, the more reviews you get, the more visible your book becomes. The funny thing about reviews is even when people love your book they seem to focus on the negative rather than the positive. Cassandra Clare once said something (on Twitter) about wishing she had a dime for every time a person claiming to be her biggest fan started off with a complaint about her books.

Q:Any future projects in the offing? 

 I just finished my NaNo project, BAIT, and I am working on the second in the series, HUNTER. I am hoping to have both books out this summer. After they are finished, I plan to write the third book in the Witch-Game Series, TEMPTING FATE.

Q:Random One: Favourite band?

 At the moment, Aerosmith.

Q:Random Two: Your best and worst flavour of ice cream?

 Love anything that is chocolate like Rocky Road or Neapolitan, but I don’t like Pistachio.


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