Friday, 18 January 2013

Book Review: The Elephant Vanishes

I only began reading Murakami as of last year. My work mate brought into the office 'A Wild Sheep's Chase' and I was immediately intrigued by the quirky title. After being delighted by that book, I subsequently went on to buy most of Murakami's other books and each one exceeded my expectations. In The Elephant Vanishes, Murakami once again writes with such imagination and incredible prose that I was left in awe of undoubtedly one of literature's greatest writers.

I like the fact that all the emotions so many of us experience - love, death, jealousy, happiness - are so simply, yet beautifully, described by Murakami and reading his works, you know you aren't alone in what you've been through as someone you've never met can so elegantly describe our human emotions and life experiences.

I remember watching Lost, season 2, and in that season Desmond had a copy of one of Charles Dickens' novels. He had read all the others and wanted to save the last one for a very special moment. It's a bit like that now with me and Murakami, I don't want to finish reading all his books (I know he will release more) but I'd rather delay the ones I haven't read...perhaps for my distant retirement so I have something to look forward to aside from declining health, receding hair and bodily dysfunctions.

Some great news this week, made a surge of sales of the paperback issue of The Super Spud Trilogy, and made it as high as #19 in Fantasy fiction - amazing. Thank you to all who bought it.

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