Saturday, 13 October 2012

Competitions coming this week!

I'm very excited to announce that there will be two competitions launching this week both with great prizes. 

For the artists out there, whoever draws the best Super Spud will get a chance to win a $30 Amazon Kindle gift card voucher and a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy.

For all aspiring writers, think of a new Super Spud flavour and associated personality for a chance to win a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy, a critique of your work and have your flavour creation included in The Super Spuds: Book 4 due out later this year.

This competition will be hosted via Katherine's blog:

There will be full entrance details once the competition is live - watch this space!


  1. Cool contest!

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I gave you a Liebster award. You can check it out on my blog:

  2. Just read the interview! congrats on all ur success!!