Thursday, 25 October 2012

Competition winners

The competition was a great success with lots of entries and everyone coming up with some great personality suggestions.  New possible flavours suggested were: whiskey flavour, vodka flavour (people like alcohol in their crisps, it seems), cinnamon roll flavour, blue cheese and crackers, jam and cream.   *Drumroll time* the winning flavour is - Italian Meatball, with a stereotypical mobster type personality.  This flavour will be led by 'The Spudfather' and I'm already looking forward to introducing this character into the story.  Congratulations to Rakesh for thinking of this new flavour!

There were some awesome sketches and illustrations sent in as well, with people showing off their great computer drawing skills.  The winner is John Sneddon, so congratulations and a $30 Amazon Kindle gift card is on its way!

I'm going to write a post next month to all new writers with advice and tips about marketing, I'm hoping it will be a great help. 

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