Monday, 1 February 2016

A recommendation

I've been self-publishing for nearly four years now and in all that time, I've come across many writers but there has always been one standout writer: David Jester / Eli Yance.  Quite frankly, he is the only one I would truly call a world-class writer out of everyone I've reviewed.

The first Jester novel I read was 'The Line, the Itch and the Rabbit Hole' and I was absorbed by the quality and the honesty of the writing.  Every novella and book he has since released have been huge hits with readers, attracting rave reviews and download levels I could only dream of.  He has since found an agent and a major US publisher - congratulations to him! 

There is always something very readable about his novels, they draw you in instantly and yet the writing isn't padded with waffle.  He knows how to create a story and my favourite book, Consequence, is just crying out to be made into a film.  I wish him well with his publishing future and look forward to reading more of his work.  I'm glad I got to exchange a few emails with him from time to time, plus read and review his work.  He's a decent, down-to-earth guy and someone I think would be cool to grab a beer with.

You can check out his website here:
and pre-order his bestseller, An Idiot in Love,  a ridiculously funny comedy, here:

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