Monday, 24 November 2014

League of Legends

I’ve been playing League of Legends a lot lately, it’s very addictive and I think part of the appeal is the fact that no game is ever the same.  You can be on a killing spree one game reaching Godlike and legendary kill status, and the next, you’re struggling to even get assists ( or maybe I'm just very bad).

My favourite champion so far is Garen, I’m not a range attack player or a complex-technique player (mages).  I like the characters who are tanks and just smash at the frontline.  Even in Streets of Rage 2 I always chose Max the wrestler.  Brute force over skill any day!

Some tips I’ve noticed might help you if you are new to the game like me:

1.   Stay alive – Don’t feed the opponents with cheap kills.  If you only die two or three times in the game then that’s a good showing.  Sure, you might get abuse for retreating sometimes from your team but that’s just because they are jealous they died and you didn’t. 

2.   Don’t forget about the minions – that is how you rank up and get gold quicker. 

3.   Never surrender!  Momentum switches hands so quickly in League, all it takes is a few seconds of acting in unison with your team champions and before you know it, you’ve wiped out enemy turrets and taken the advantage again – just because you are losing on score is never an indication of the final result. 

4.   Don’t forget to use your Masteries, which you can re-allocate anytime by resetting.

5.   While the champions all have their pro’s and con’s, some partner together better than others.  Lux and Garen are one example I’ve found work very effectively together. 

6.   Just ignore the comment section sometimes, don’t take anything personally. 

I’m rank 11 at the moment, a long way to go.  Please leave comments with your tips, mine are probably a bit rubbish. 

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