Friday, 28 July 2017

Betsensus #FootballsBiggestTip

OK, so I haven't posted in a while.  But I'm excited to announce that I'm involved in a new project: a community tipping website called Betsensus

What the hell is a Betsensus?
When three or more people contribute to a collective prediction: that's a Betsensus. Each member of a Team influences the final prediction by entering their own match score predictions.
It's also a unique and social way to form your weekend's accumulator, or competitive fun at work, with friends or family.
If you love fantasy football, I'm confident you will love this website too.  You can dip in and out each week, so it's less commital than the season long fantasy football and yet there is still a competitive side to it.

How is it scored?
The League shows all Teams ranked by % accuracy of their Betsensus predictions.
+10 (correct score)
+5 (correct result and goal difference)
+3 (Correct result only) and
-2 (incorrect result).

All Leagues and Team Rankings are weekly; except the Global Betsensus which provides all-time scores.

I'm looking forward to entering my predictions and see how I fare each week against everyone else - and see if the global betsensus is truly stronger than the individual!