Wednesday, 21 September 2016

September Update - Mr P the Pigeon

OK, so No Man's Sky got very boring very quickly.  I actually haven't played it since my last blog post about it.  It had huge potential and I still love the concept, but it was not a 50 pound game.  And worst of all, it crashed and crashed.  The developers have gone silent on social media, and so they should.  Good news is, I'm busy playing The Witcher 3, Destiny: Rise of Iron and next month is Battlefield 1.  Oh, and I also have the Death Star dlc for Battlefront.

On the writing front, I have finished my first children's book which I am seeking to get illustrated.  I am contacting my artistic friends, professionals and browsing the services on Fiverr ( but I am dubious about that site).  I'm also sending it off to publishers, but if that fails, which it most likely will, then I will self-publish. I’m very happy with the story and writing for children is also extra rewarding, helping/ encouraging them with reading as well as promoting good morals and life lessons through your stories.

Also, Garden Hopping is now available as a paperback through Amazon.  This is a collection of short stories and my novellas: The Gauntlet, and Looking for a Job.  It’s priced at 4 pound 50 pence, which is the cheapest I could put it for the length of the book.

Garden Hopping paperback edition 1